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Lee County Plumbing & Well Service, LLC is your local family owned and operated plumbing contractor. Michael Mele opened the company after working over a decade in the local plumbing industry, allowin...

Lee County Plumbing and Well Service, LLC Services

We offer everything from rough underground and second roughs, to trims and water equipment installation on all new construction.

Years of experience contribute to outstanding service and repair of ALL things plumbing in both residential and commercial buildings.

While unfortunate, re-pipes are often a necessity to avoid extreme water damage of homes and businesses. Having re-piped many local homes, we are skilled in completing quality re-pipes as efficiently as possible.

We also offer snaking of pipes to clear out clogs. We have seen everything from paper towels to cell phones!

We have extensive experience in sewer connections, including the abandonment of existing septic systems when necessary.

Michael has worked extensively with multiple residential contractors on all manners of custom remodels. With an outstanding knowledge of what is available in today's plumbing market for all budgets and tastes, Michael can point you in the direction of exactly what it is you are looking for, at a price that you can afford.

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