well pump repairs in Cape Coral, FL

4 Signs That Your Well Pump Needs Repairs in Cape Coral, FL

December 30, 2020

A water well can provide you and your family in Cape Coral, FL, with clean water for many years. However, you should be aware that your well will need routine maintenance to continue to provide the water you need. Here are four tell-tale signs that will alert you when your water well needs repairs.

Low Water Pressure

Problems with the water pressure in your shower and sinks are often the first indicators there is a problem with your water well. The source of this problem is usually iron bacteria blocking the nipple pipe. A thorough cleaning may be able to eliminate the bacteria and restore the proper functioning of your water well.

Air in the Pump

It is a sure sign of trouble if there is air mixed in with the water that comes from your faucet. This symptom could mean your pump is drawing air from a water table that has dropped to a lower depth than the pump.

Sand and Sediment in the Pump

Water well pumps usually sit 10 feet or more above the bottom of a well. But a pump that drops to a lower level will sometimes begin to pump sand and other debris from the well. The pump in your water well may also pick up sand and silt when there is a problem with the water well screen.

Bad Taste

The particles that can contaminate your well water include bacteria, organic waste, sand, and corrosion from pipes. Once these particles make their way into your water, they can change its taste. This problem will usually not threaten the health of your family, but it can make drinking water less enjoyable.

A water well can be a great asset to a Cape Coral, FL, homeowner who keeps it in proper working condition. Call us at Lee County Plumbing & Well Service for all your water well repair needs.

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