Water Softener in Lehigh Acres, FL,

The Many Benefits of a Water Softener

April 9, 2022

Water is amazingly pure when it falls from the sky — it’s the minerals it picks up on the way to your home that make it hard. Ensuring the water you use is as clean as rainwater, a water softener offers multiple benefits for homeowners in Lehigh Acres, FL.

Feel and Look Better

Whether you’re taking a shower or doing laundry, the sediments in hard water leave telltale signs. Mineral deposits can leave your skin feeling itchy and your hair looking dull and lifeless. Hard water can also cause clothes to appear old, drab, or faded. It can make your bedding feel rough and uncomfortable as well. A well-functioning water softener can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your life.

Save Time and Money

Are you tired of scrubbing the ring around your bathtub? Are you fed up trying to get spots off your glassware? If so, it’s time to consider a water softening system. Hard water reduces the effectiveness of detergents, so you have to work longer to get things clean. Soft water allows you to use less soap and exert less effort to get the job done. You’ll save money on cleaning products and have more time for fun-filled activities.

Protect Your Plumbing

Hard water not only leaves scale and mineral deposits on your appliances but your plumbing fixtures as well. Limescale buildup in your water heater forces it to run longer to keep the water hot, shortening its service life. Deposits from hard water also have a huge impact on water flow and pressure. Your plumbing will last longer, perform better, and need fewer repairs with a quality water softening system.

With groundwater embedded in limestone, Florida water is notoriously hard. Fortunately, it’s easy to resolve the problem. A quick call to Lee County Plumbing & Well Service is all it takes to start the process. For more information, explore our water softener section or contact us today.

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