Reverse Osmosis System in Cape Coral, FL

Troubleshooting Your Reverse Osmosis System in Cape Coral, FL

March 30, 2021

A reverse osmosis (RO) system removes minerals and other contaminants from your water by pushing them through specialized membranes. These purification systems help improve the quality of the water you use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning in Cape Coral, FL. If you’re having issues, here are four signs that your reverse osmosis system isn’t working properly.

Cloudy or Milky Water or Ice Cubes

A few issues cause cloudy ice cubes or water with a milky color. Impurities in the water during the freezing process cause cloudy ice cubes. These minerals or particulate matter may include calcium, potassium, or even lead in some cases.

Noisy Faucet or Drain

If you have an air gap faucet, a little noise is common. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to make sure everything is properly installed. You can check your owner’s manual for proper installation instructions. If you do so, keep in mind that it may take up to two weeks to purge air from the system and check for kinks in the drain tube. However, calling a qualified service technician for professional drain cleaning services is probably your best bet.

Bad Taste or Odor

A bad taste or odor could be the result of an accumulation of biofilm in the filter’s interior. To remedy this problem, all you have to do is replace a clogged filter or membrane, and the issue should go away. Make sure to replace your carbon and particulate filters once or twice a year and replace the reverse osmosis membrane once every 2-5 years to help prevent this issue in the future.

Slow Flowing Water

There are a few reasons why your reverse osmosis system would have a slow water flow. If the problem is either in the pre-filter or the post-filter, then you will need to replace that filter. If there is low pressure in the RO tank, a technician can most likely raise the pressure to an appropriate level. However, if you have low incoming pressure, then you may need to replace the RO membrane.

Whether you’re having problems with your reverse osmosis system, or you need well pump repairs, we’re here for you. Contact Lee County Plumbing & Well Service today to learn more about our maintenance plans that gives your plumbing and well equipment the attention they deserve.

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